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Stretching For Singing Pt1

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Stretching your body and neck before singing enables you to release any unwanted tension. Also helping open up your body ready to sing in a correct and healthy posture. The most common place for tension to appear while singing is around the shoulders and upper body.

Below is a few stretching ideas I teach and do myself before singing.

1. Start by rolling both your shoulders and arms backwards at the same time, As if you are reaching upwards. At the same time while rolling make sure you stretch open your chest like you might when getting out of bed in the morning. Roll and stretch roughly 10x.

2.Now we are going to move our focus onto stretching our neck. First start with slowly looking up and down, as if you are looking at the sky then the ground. Do this roughly 5x. Next we start to move our head slowly side to side as if looking behind you. repeat 5x.

3.Lastly lower your chin down onto your chest and slowly roll your ear towards and over to your shoulder. Once ear is directly over shoulder hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this 2x over each shoulder.

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